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Internal Research Seminars

At CINCCO, research seminars are held periodically (in principle, every month) that emanate from each Disciplinary Area (AD) that makes up the Graduate Program. These seminars deal with topics of interest specific to the AD in question, but always keeping in mind that the audience is eclectic and interdisciplinary. Therefore, although technicalities are admitted in the seminars, the speakers are asked to take into account the diversity of the attending population in order to provide (mainly) students with in-depth and comprehensive knowledge on the topics covered. We believe that this can only further your skills for Cognitive Science research. Below are the current Seminars of each AD, with their objectives, frequency and place of meeting, responsible, eventual conditions to attend, etc.

Transdisciplinary Seminar on Cognitive Sciences


Know the sessions of this Seminar

Get to know the Seminars of the Disciplinary Areas


Evolutionary Cognitive Neuroscience Seminar


Language and Cognition Seminar


Seminar on Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind


Cognitive Psychology Seminar


Anthropology and Cognition Seminar

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