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Creation of links between the public and private sectors that might be interested in Cognitive Sciences. It is sought that this area of CINCCO can influence the dissemination and diffusion of Cognitive Sciences in society in general.


Establish CINCCO as a benchmark in national and Latin American research on cognition.

Strategic objectives:

Activities in this area include:

  • Organization of events for the dissemination of Cognitive Sciences (workshops, science conferences, among others)

  • Dissemination of knowledge through the media (newsletters, gazettes, posters, radio, internet)

  • Search for collaboration between scientific dissemination institutions (museums, toy libraries, and other spaces)

This area is currently divided into the Community Activities Division and the Dissemination and Diffusion Division. The first is focused on promoting activities that include society in general to deal with issues that concern us all. The second has the purpose of disseminating and disseminating scientific knowledge about cognition among the interested public. Below you can access each of the divisions of this headquarters to obtain more information about it.

Disclosure and Diffusion Division


Transdisciplinary seminar in cognitive sciences

Get to know the conferences of this seminar 

Community Activities Division

CONVERSATORY "ethics, ecology and society"

Space for problematization, analysis and discussion of issues that concern ecology and human society in general.

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