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PhD in Cognitive Sciences (DCC)

In August 2019, the DCC entered the National Register of Quality Postgraduate Studies (PNPC).  The DCC is an academic continuity program with the MCC; since the beginning of the MCC (2010) the creation of the DCC;  The DCC appears as an institutional commitment in the MCC Improvement Plans that the UAEM presented in each evaluation before CONACyT. The DCC is the natural response to a comprehensive and high-level training for researchers in Cognitive Sciences who are beginning in the MCC; there is a large and solid pool of candidates for the DCC that comes from the MCC. Likewise, most of the professors who form the Basic Academic Nucleus (NAB) that supports the MCC also supports the NAB of the DCC. 

Academic coordinator of the program:Dr. Jorge Oseguera Gamba

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