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Postdoctoral stays

CINCCO offers two ways to receive postdoctoral stays: A) Through CONACYT through the intercession of the MCC and DCC and B) Through PRODEP, through the intercession of the Academic Body "Epistemology and Cognitive Sciences"



  1. The Master's in Cognitive Sciences (MCC) and the Doctorate in Cognitive Sciences (DCC), by establishing themselves as a postgraduate of excellence with a 'consolidated' level by the PNPC-CONACYT, have a Permanent Postdoctoral Research Program promoted by the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACyT). This body issues two Calls a year, which are addressed to Mexican Researchers with a Doctorate degree -who have obtained their doctorate degree within the two years prior to the date of their application and in an institution other than the UAEM--, who are interested in collaborating directly in research and teaching activities with the members of our postgraduate academy. At the Center for Research in Cognitive Sciences we have the areas of Philosophy of Mind and Epistemology, Evolutionary Cognitive Neuroscience, Language and Cognition, and Cognitive Psychology.

  2. CINCCO has the Academic Body "Epistemology and Cognitive Sciences" which has the level 'in consolidation'. The postdoctoral stays through the Program for the Professional Development of Teachers, for the Superior Type (PRODEP) have the purpose of promoting that Full-Time Professors integrate into Academic Bodies to reinforce the Lines of Generation and Application of Knowledge (LGAC ), Applied Research or Technological Development cultivated and carried out by the members of the Academic Body.


At CINCCO we PERMANENTLY receive requests for this purpose.





If you are interested in doing a POST-DOCTORAL STAY, check the conditions and requirements established in the current calls:


Click here to visit CONACyT

Click here to visit SEP-PRODEP


Contact details at CINCCO:

  • By Disciplinary Areas:


Responsible forArea of Philosophy of Mind and Epistemology:

Dr. Jean Philippe Jazé



Responsible forEvolutionary Cognitive Neuroscience Area

Dr. German Octavio López Riquelme



Responsible forLanguage and Cognition Area

Dr. Asela Reig Alamillo



Responsible forCognitive Psychology Area

Dr. Gerardo Maldonado Paz


Responsible forAnthropology and Cognition Area

Dr. Diana Platas Neri



  • By Academic Body:

Head of CA Epistemology and Cognitive Sciences

Dr. Jean Philippe Jazé



  • For the Postgraduate in Cognitive Sciences:


Mr. Uriel Mendoza Acosta. Head of Research and Postgraduate

Lic. Antígona R. Soledad Pineda. Deputy Head of Research and Postgraduate

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