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Cognitive psychology

Cognitive Psychology is the study of the mental processes that underlie our ability to perceive the world, understand and remember our experiences, communicate with other people, and control our behavior. This includes features like:  perception, attention, memory, cognition, language, problem solving, reasoning and decision making, intelligence, emotion and consciousness.


In line with the above, in the Cognitive Psychology Area of CINCCO we are interested in the study of various topics such as:


  • The study of protective factors against cognitive decline during aging.

  • The modification of linguistic skills in the elderly.

  • Standardization and validation of cognitive screening tests in the elderly population (Mexican and Hispanic Quebecois population)

  • Research on Social Cognition in neurodegenerative diseases and non-communicable diseases. 

  • Cognitive processes related to language processing.

  • Individual differences in attention span and temperament. 

  • Behavioral and neurophysiological mechanisms associated with perception and consciousness in healthy participants and patients with visual problems.

  • Effect of physical activity (daily activities, physical exercise, sport, etc.) and the various cognitive processes. 

  • Study of cognitive functioning in people living with HIV with success or failure in antiretroviral therapy.

Members of the Disciplinary Area:

Dra. Diana V. Castillo Padilla

Dra. Diana V. Castillo Padilla

Responsable del Área

Dr. Gerardo Maldonado Paz

Dr. Gerardo Maldonado Paz

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