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Student Research Forum

The Permanent Forum for Research in Cognitive Sciences (FPICC) of the UAEM is held throughout each semester, three times a month. The FPICC is a space that has the purpose of promoting the interaction of our academic community, following up on the presentation of the works and research advances of Postgraduate students, thereby generating an environment of feedback, support and constructive criticism. that contributes to the enrichment and development of student research projects. Due to the importance of the academic discussion and vision provided by the different perspectives that converge in the forum, it is constituted as a requisite activity for all students enrolled in the program. In addition to the presentations of the PCC students; The Forum includes in its programming, the presentation of papers and/or research lines of the researchers assigned to the Postgraduate Program, of postdoctoral students and other invited professionals. The coordination of the Forum is rotating by semester, among the members of the Basic Academic Nucleus.

Calendario actual
(Moderador: Alejandro Anaya)

Historial de calendarios

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