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Diploma in Cognitive Studies


Sensitize and introduce the student to the subject of cognitive sciences through a flexible and quality academic program at the Diploma level. The student will take theoretical subjects from the Master's in Cognitive Sciences that will provide an overview of the subject that concerns us.  The program will culminate with the writing of a work report.

The diploma is aimed at those interested who are not able to meet the requirements to enter the master's degree and/or wish to have a detailed vision of Cognitive Sciences, without implying the degree of commitment that master's studies require.

The call is permanent, open every semester.

Admission requirements

1. Intern level or equivalent in an area related to Cognitive Sciences.

2. Interview with the Program Coordinator.

3. Application for admission duly filled out.Download admission application 

4. Ability to understand texts in English

5. Registration payment

6. Payment of the subject or subjects to be studied.


  • Registration: $1,000.25 m.n.

  • Cost per Subject: $2,000.25 m.n.

  • Make payments to the account6550 6022 070of bankSantander on behalf of the UAEM-CENTRO FOR RESEARCH IN COGNITIVE SCIENCES. Interbank CLABE:0145 4065 5060 2207 05

Permanence requirements

1. Have a minimum average of 8 per subject.

2. The Diploma must be completed between 1 and 2 years.

3. Make the corresponding payments before the start of classes.

4. Establishment of the grade for each subject studied.

5. Attend theoretical hours excluding practical hours (except for exception).

graduation requirements

1. Make a working memory.

2. Be up to date with payments.


Prof. mayra moran

Phone (777) 3297000 ext. 2240 and 3753

Terms and Conditions

  • To validate the Diploma you must have a minimum of 75% attendance and have paid the full Diploma.

  • You must submit the original proof of payment.

  • No refund applies, a condition that you declare to understand and expressly accept with the mere fact of paying and registering.

  • In the event that the Diploma or any module(s) of the same, could not be carried out on the date, place and / or with the professor scheduled for any reason of force majeure, fortuitous, natural disasters or illness, CINCCO will replace the Diploma or module(s) on a new date, guaranteeing the same quality offered.

  • Unforeseen situations, complaints and comments: Mtra. Mayra Morán Castrejón (email, Head of Academic Services of CINCCO.

  • Limited availability.

Make your payments to the Diploma here

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