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General objective

Train PhDs in Cognitive Sciences with a high-quality inter/transdisciplinary academic preparation, dedicated to basic and/or applied research in a specific topic or field of cognitive sciences, with the capacity to develop Lines of Knowledge Generation and Application ( LGAC) in depth, integrating research groups and training human resources, assuming themselves as interlocutors at an international level and being sensitive to their physical and cultural environment, with a clear ethical sense and social responsibility. 

Specific objectives

1.    Be able to carry out own research and/or work in LGAC with peers and high-level research teams in the field of cognition.

2.    Be able to appreciate in detail and pose conceptual problems, proposing integrative hypotheses based on their ability developed in the educational program, with eventual applications in the field of exact, natural, human, social or health sciences.

3.    Have demonstrated research capacity through a thesis and eventual publications, where philosophical and/or scientific argumentation offers solutions to theoretical and/or practical problems in the field of cognition.

4.    Ability to investigate and work with concepts, theories and methods from different disciplinary fields, under time pressure, as well as the ability to synthesize and inter/transdisciplinary integration. 

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