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Information update for associate professors

Full name (paternal last name, maternal last name, first name)


Place of residence (City, State and country)

Highest academic degree obtained (eg PhD in Cognitive Sciences)

Institution where you obtained the degree (eg Autonomous University of the State of Morelos, UAEM)

Profile (Describe in a paragraph of maximum 150 words your main academic activities)

Lines of Application and Generation of Knowledge (number them)

CINCCO Disciplinary Areas with which you identify (choose the necessary ones)

Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind

Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Robotics

cognitive linguistics

Cognitive Neurosciences

Cognitive Psychology

Institution of current affiliation (Name and initials)

SNI level

Type of participation that you are willing to fulfill within the postgraduate course

Teaching electives and modules in Master's

Teaching courses, workshops and/or diplomas

Participation in Tutoring Committees

Participation in thesis co-directors

Participation in conferences and symposia

Upload an image (a frontal close-up photo of your face is recommended)

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