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Permanence Requirements

  1. Approve the courses, seminars and workshops assigned with a minimum passing grade of 8, and thus obtain the corresponding credits.

  2. Comply with the biannual presentations of research advances before the Tutoring Committee with a minimum passing grade of 8. Said Committee will be made up of at least 3 research professors from at least one area different from that of the tutor. These may be the same members of the Admission Committee. Before each meeting, the student must send the TC, at least one week in advance, a summary of their research. The Tutoring Committee must issue a minute indicating the status of the progress of the student's research, as well as suggestions and indications agreed by the members of the Committee for the development of the research. The Committee may recommend that the student take any additional subject that is considered necessary as an activity to be carried out during the following semester to be evaluated.

  3. Do not fail more than one subject (Art. 67 of the General Regulations for Graduate Studies).

  4. Pass the Doctoral Candidacy Exam at the end of the third semester.

  5. Participate in the Permanent Forum for Research in Cognitive Sciences and present in it, at least once, the research advances.

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