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Investigating Perceptual Awareness by means of Phosphenes

Dra. Chiara Mazzi

University of Verona | UNIVR · Department of Neurological and Movement Sciences

Seminario Transdisciplinar

miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2020


Despite the increasing efforts over the last decades, many questions about the nature of perceptual awareness still remain unanswered. TMS over visually responsive areas is known to elicit phosphenes, i.e. the visual experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eyes. Importantly, their generation and processing seem to resemble that of real external stimuli making them a perfect tool to directly study conscious visual processing both in healthy participants and neurological patients.


Dr. Mazzi’s research interests focus on the investigation of the visual brain and the spatio-temporal dynamics underlying the subjective conscious experience of seeing. Her research aims at uncovering how perceptual awareness is generated both in the intact and lesioned human brain by using a combination of non-invasive neuroimaging techniques such as TMS, EEG, and NIRS.

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