Towards a Philosophy of Prevention

Prof. Carlo Chiurco



Carlo Chiurco is Associate professor of Ethics at the Department of Human Sciences. After working as a civil servant for the Italian Ministry of Artistic and Cultural Heritage from 1999 to 2010, he became Assistant professor at the Department of Human Sciences (DHS) of the University of Verona in December 2011. In 2020 he was awarded a two-years research grant for the project «HEALING - HEALth and Illness in Nietzsche and the Greeks».
His research activity focuses on two research lines at the DHS, notably «Cultural roots of contemporary world» and «Theories and practices of caring». They include:

a. The philosophy of Nietzsche, in particular the figures of the «free spirit», the dynamics presiding over the rise and fall of civilizations, the concepts of resentments, health, and illness.
b. Various ethical topics, such as philosophy of medecine, the ethics of caring, inter-subjective ethics (including philosophy of emotions) and the forms of contemporary nihilism that oppose them (i.e. spectacularization of life, the perversion of the common dimension of politics, violence as a mean to achieve authenticity and fullness of life).

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