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Curricular map


During the second semester, the student takes the subject Selected Topics in Cognitive Sciences, being with her exposed to a wide teaching and thematic palette. This subject offers students a minimum of two topics and a maximum of four, organized by modules, being taught collectively (by several teachers) and interdisciplinary (a topic being addressed by at least two teachers from different disciplines ––judging for their last academic degrees). Thematic modules can be taught in series (one module divided into sessions with one teacher at a time) or in parallel (one module divided into sessions with two teachers at a time). The maximum number of professors teaching this subject in a given semester is 8 (eight). Each topic/teacher must be addressed in a period ranging from 4 to 8 sessions (1 session = 2 hours), so each module will last from 16 to 32 hours in total. The teachers of each module evaluate the performance of the students, granting a numerical grade from 0 to 10. The average of the grades corresponds to the final grade for the subject.

The following table shows the extensive Curricular Map:

Mapa Extendido - MCC 2023-01.png
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